Setup ADB and Fastboot Drivers for Asus Zenfone 5

To Setup ADB,Fastboot Drivers for Zenfone 5
1.Intel Android x86 Device Bridge Driver2.ADB Driver Installer3.ADB and Fastboot Tools Install Intel Driver – Windows 8.1,10 Users Run with Compatibility as Windows 8 inorder to installOnce You Installed the Driver Now Plug Your USB to your phone and Check whether the USB Debugging is Enabled..if not Then goto Settings->About->Software Information ->Tap Build Number 7 times and Now You Will Developer OptionsNow Tick the USB Debuggingif it Asks you to authorize Give Ok ,Tick allow alwaysWindows 8 , 8.1 , 10 Users need to Disable the Driver Signature check to install the ADB drivers CorrectlySo in Your PC, Press windowskey+w search “Settings” -> Update and Recovery -> Recovery ->Advanced StartUp ->Restart Now

Now at boot Screen Troubleshoot ->Advanced Options ->Startup Settings


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Now press 7 and it will boot with the Settings Applied..

You are now ready to Install ADB Drivers..Run the ADB Driver Installer.exe

It will show your Device as unknown and click Install..

Once Installed Correctly then it will show your Device Name Correctly

Now Extract ADB & Fastboot Tools package , and you will have adb , fastboot tools ready to be used.

To check the ADB Bridge..Right click within the ADB Fastboot tools folder by Holding Shift key -> Open Command Prompt and type adb devices 

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adb devices

It will show the list of Devices Connected..if it shows the Device then ADB tools are Working..

Sometimes the ADB will not Detect the Device at that time..use Different ports or lookout for adb.exe in the taskmanager..if it already running then close it and execute again to execute the Daemon again…

Kill adb.exe


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Thanks for reading, hope this post helps you people.

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