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If you are a working guy and have your own awesome workplace then you can get some cool gadgets which are productive. You can find a lot of involvement of advanced technology in your daily life, you will find everything smart around you. From watches to cars to TV’s you will find everything smart around you then why not your gadgets? Well smart gadgets are not invented yet but you can find some productive devices to make your life easy and this will make yourself smart. You can save a time or save yourself from trouble most of the times. From tracking little things to charging your important devices before a meeting you will need some productive gadgets around you. We have made a small list of productive devices which will help you to save time and will tolerate your needs when you are hurried.

List of best productivity gadgets to buy

We picked some devices which are convenient. You can use them easily to make your life better. Don’t forget to drop a comment if you have some awesome productivity gadgets to include in the list.

1. Smokio

Are you addicted to smoking or vaping? Then smokio is made just for you, with smokio you cancheck your smoking activity on your android device. You will get complete stats of your smokio usage. It works like it is made for make you leave smoking. This will monitor the number of puffs you have taken and also it will find how much nicotine you have taken. You will get the stats at the end of the month where you will find how much  money you saved from smoking a bit lesser also you can find how much nicotine you are taking everyday in the report. Smokio takes 1.5 hour for a full charge and it works for 750 puffs in a single full charge.

2. Equil Smartpen 2

Most of us loves to prefer to calculate, scribble, draw and work with a old school pen and paper, butwe need smart here too. You may think a stylus on your phone will complete this matter but this thing is at another level. With this pen you can write stuffs, draw and scribble even write notes or other stuffs on any piece of paper and then you can transfer it to your android device via bluetooth or something. This tool is perfect for who loves to sketch or write poems, or even for those who have good handwriting. You can share those stuffs on social media or even you can sync your files to evernote or dropbox. This pen works for 8 hours in a single charge it is not much costly but worth the price you are paying for this productive gadget.

3. Secure USB Pendrive

When we say word secure the first thing you get in your mind is strong password. Better than encrypting the whole drive you can use this special pen drive where you can set a physical pin just with numbers. These pendrives are IP57 rated and most of them are working on usb 3.0. Many of them are water resistant and they are durable. You can find 8 to 64 GB of storage in secure pendrives and it will be encrypted. So now you can keep your secret office documents in this pendrive and make it safe. Instead of using online drives where you can secure it with a strong password, you can use this pendrive to keep your data offline, secure and encrypted. This is the best accessory you can buy for your laptop, or wait we have another one after this, keep reading the article.

4. Backup Power for Laptops

This is one of the best thing you can gift to yourself. If you have to present something in your office and you don’t have much time to charge your laptop at your home because you want to leave then this is the perfect device for you. This is one of the most productive device because it can automatically detect what device is connected to it and it will transfer power according to it. You can connect your phone or your laptop in the power bank and charge them when you are in a hurry.

Final words

So this was everything about the best productivity gadgets. Drop a comment if we have missed some good ones, also share the article if you found some good gadgets here. Till then stay tuned for more articles.


  1. Equil smartpen 2 amazes me i really seems to be quite useful i would definitely love to buy it please do post the prices and from where to buy them if possible, very informative, great work


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