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Divoom Timebox- The best desk accessory? [REVIEW]

Speakers come in different shapes, sizes, configuration and aesthetics. One thing that is most common in speakers these days that you may find stylish or elite design but if need something fun, you will not find anything easily. Divoom, however, has the solution for you. The company is in the audio equipment business from the last 10 years and it is among the most reputed companies in the market. It is known for its elaborate interesting designs and the latest product i.e. Divoom Timebox fits perfectly in the profile.

The company is touting it as the most intelligent pixel speaker ever made and what I am going to do is to check if they are telling the truth or not. When I checked the features, the first thing that came to my mind is that it has all the features that its processor AuraBox had with a few additions. The new speaker has FM Radio, Aux out etc. The most interesting feature of the speaker is the 121 LED lights that dance as per your desires. These LED lights can project 256 different colors. The speaker also packs a lot of sleep adding features such as alarm clock, smart alarms etc.

The packaging and content of the box

3I find the packing solid and it provides complete protection to the speakers. In the box, you will find TimeBox, a USB cable, 3.5mm audio cable and the user manual which describes all the functions in detail. Though I chose black color, you can choose the color of the TimeBox as per your liking. TimeBox is available in Black,Red, Blue, Hot Pink, Ivory Wood color other than the Black one that I got. It has a matte coating which gives the feeling of rubber cover.


On the front side, the box has 121 LED lights which are programmable via its Android or iOS app. It is free to download so you


do not have to spend any extra money on the App. The back side of the TimeBox has 3-inch full range speaker with a passive radiator. The speaker has an anti-dust grill which keeps it safe from the outside elements. The back side of the speaker also has the AUX in, reset, power indicator, AUX out and micro USB ports.

The control buttons are located on the top of the speaker. I find them easy to use and very stylish. The controls from left to right are Power on or off, play or pause button which can also be used to answer calls, next and previous track which also changes the light effect, volume up and down and the same buttons control brightness as well, select music source, control & snooze alarm and finally change light mode.

A speaker at the back. though not that loud but its clarity is clear!


Let’s talk about the features

  • There are more than 30 built-in sleep aiding programs and smart alarms which are supported by soft light and sound.
  • The FM tuner has the worldwide support that means no matter in which part of the world you live, you can enjoy the local Radio channels.
  • 121 LED lights that can project 256 colors make it easier to give the speaker new looks and provide a platform for you to get creative with your imagination.
  • The 3-inch 5-watt speaker that is included in the TimeBox provides persistent sound tuned by Divoom Sound Engineers.
  • The speaker can be controlled with the help of highly sophisticated mobile app.
  • It comes with an inbuilt thermometer and can display room temperature.
  • The screen can also show notifications from different apps like WhatsApp, messages, Calls etc.
  • The speaker has a built-in microphone which makes it easy for you to answer the calls without picking up your phone.

Technical features

  • It has 3-inch full range driver
  • The output power of the speaker is 5W
  • The frequency response is between 60 Hz and 20000 Hz
  • The signal-to-noise ratio is 78 dB
  • It packs 2500 mAh battery
  • The company claims the playback time up to 10 hours
  • The battery takes around 3 to 3.5 hours to get fully charged
  • The wireless range of the speaker is up to 10 meters

The mobile App

If you do not want to use the advanced features and just want it to show clock and play music, you will not need the app on your phone. Though I would recommend you to have the app and take full advantage of the all the advanced features. The app allows you to enjoy a number of different features like clock, thermometer, light, animations and apart from that you can also program the lights to show dancing moves with the beats.

Also, if you want to take advantage of the soothing sounds and light patterns that can help you sleep, then you will need the app. The speaker comes with 22 different soothing sounds which are very relaxing take you worries away in no time. There is also a magic box function which let you draw patterns to display lights. I have tried making 12 fps animations and they look pretty amazing on the LED lights.

Performance overview

Though the company claims that it has the range of 10 meters, you can extend it a little bit by removing any obstacles between the speaker and the device that is streaming music. There is AUX in for non-Bluetooth devices as well. It gives good playback time at decent sound level. If you increase the sound level and put the light dance show on, the playback time will reduce to some extent. If I compare it with its processor AuraBox and some other speakers in the market, I can assure that it is much better in terms of battery life and sound quality. Although the FM feature works without any antenna, you can increase the strength of the signal by inserting the AUX wire.


If you need an amazing bedside companion and a device that can bring light to your desk, this is the best device for you. The only limitation that I found in this device is the quality of the microphone which I do not think will matter to most of the users. Overall, it is one of the best funky Bluetooth speakers available in the market with tons of features. The price in India is about $180 (roughly Rs. 12000 INR) but  I would rather suggest you to get it from Amazon.com just for $69 (roughly Rs. 4500 INR).

Buy it from Amazon US($69)

Buy it from Amazon India(around $180- not recommended)

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Divoom Timebox

Divoom Timebox

Build Quality


    Sound Quality(according to the price)




        Good desk accessory?


          Battery Backup



            • The pixellated display looks great
            • The speaker in a beautiful desk accessory is a good touch
            • Good built quality
            • Great battery backup


            • Speaker isn't loud(It's more of a desk accessory than a speaker)
            • Price could have been a little lower

            Written by Sourav Biswas

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