Cubane Elite X1 review [Rs1000 off discount coupon inside]

We have got many  VRs for review purposes, we reviewed them and told you their pros and cons. Now, 2 weeks ago we received yet another VR, this time from Cubane. Now we were quite skeptical about the Cubane VR that is, Cubane elite x1 because of the competition in the market right now and also because Cubane is a startup company, still we gave it a shot and we were blown away by the kind of quality this VR provides.

So, Cubane is basically a chennai based start-up company which launched its very first VR headset in India Now thanks to Cubane we were one of the very first bloggers who got our hands-on the VR for review.

The first thing that we noticed was the great graphics on the front side of the VR which is pretty amazing and made it look unique. The strap on the VR is also of a great quality and provides users a very comfortable grip. Something that we personally noticed very carefully was the quality of the lenses and we can safely say that Cubane VR has the best quality of lenses, we have tried many VRs before and no VR matched this kind of lens quality.


Cubane went one step further and also added a metal strip inside the compartment where the phones go just to confirm the firm grip. There wasn’t any kind of stability problem when we tried the VR out which showed us how concerned the company was while making the VR.


PicsArt_08-08-10.18.35In the box we also received a bluetooth controller and QR code to download games and apps compatible for the VR. We tried out a couple of games and the experience was pretty good. Everything was crystal clear and there wasn’t any kind of problem we faced while playing games. The bluetooth controller worked flawlessly but we think that right now there aren’t many games and apps optimised for the controller.

While trying out the headset we also noticed the quality of the strap of VR. It was amazing! It felt so good and comfortable and it wasn’t irritating at all.


Now that we have tried so many VR headsets we can safely say that Cubane has done a great job. Cubane Elite-X1 is by far the best VR headset that we have ever tried at this price point. It performs a lot better than the Procus One VR. We get so many things out of the box and it always feels good to see a startup doing a great job and blowing away the competition

For a price of rs.2500 This VR is value for money. You get a QUALITY VR headset and also a controller.
The VR headset actually costs Rs2500 in Flipkart.com and Rs3500 in their official website cubane.in .

But, you can get exclusive additional Rs1000 off in Cubane.in by using coupon code “TECKYWORLD1000



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Cubane Elite X1

Cubane Elite X1

Build Quality




      Viewing experience





          • Lens quality is damn great
          • Value for money


          • The bluetooth controller isn't usable with all VR games

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