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Procus VR Headset: Review

VR or virtual reality is slowly becoming a new way for us to see things differently.

There are over 100 companies making VR headsets right now. Some companies take them seriously by making high quality headsets while others just make a VR out of cardboard and paper.

We were lucky that we got our hands on one of the leading VR headset making companies, PROCUS.


Procus VR is hands down one of the best VR headsets that we have tried so far.


Starting from the build quality, it is made from very high quality plastic and a really high quality foam padding for additional comfort. The lenses used in the VR are crystal clear and very sturdy which helps viewers to see VR content in high quality without any kind of irritation. The leather face pad and adjustable headband with leather head support makes it more comfortable to use for a longer period.It can hold any phone between 3.5inch to 6inch. Procus held our phone very comfortably as it has a very grippy and spacious compartment where we are supposed to put our phones. Users can attach earphone to their smartphone if they want to, there is a gap on the left and the right side of the lid.

Also, one of the main key highlights of the Procus VR is its fine adjustment option which will help viewers to get the best VR experience.

Inside the box we get a magnetic clipper and a pair of Earphones for free. The earphones give a very decent PicsArt_07-04-08.21.04sound and improves the overall experience. They are actually in-ear earphones so Procus actually tried to give the best from their side. Packaging of Procus is also premium and we had a great time unboxing the whole package.



As we said earlier there are different kinds of VR headsets available in the market. Some are of cheap quality and some are of high quality. Procus VR provides us with high quality plastic, leather, lenses and adjustments which makes it a great buy for a price of Rs. 2499.


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Procus ONE VR Headset / Glasses

Rs 2,399
Procus ONE VR Headset / Glasses

Build Quality




      Viewing Experience





          • The foam padding are way too good
          • Lens adjustment
          • Free Earphones and magnetic clipper


          • Price could have been a little cheaper

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