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ASUS browser will block ads for you by default

Ever since advertisers discovered that they could make our lives crazier by putting online ads and interrupting our web browsing activities, the battle between the pop up ads and the irate internet surfer has been ongoing. And advertisers have also “invaded” mobile devices as well. But now, something that Asus has done to their proprietary browser might be the start of a trend for other browsers. ASUS and AdBlock Plus have recently entered into a partnership in which AdBlock will now be installed by default on the native web browsers of future ASUS devices. It will help ASUS ZenFone users to avoid not just those annoying ads but also to protect them from other malicious software. These pop up ads actually make users susceptible to malware and other harmful elements. The AdBlock filters out all the ads and shows only the website content.



Today, ASUS had confirmed to integrate AdBlocking software into their proprietary browser on every device that will be launched starting from early 2016. This partnership makes ASUS the first ever Android smartphone manufacturer to officially use AdBlock software.


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Written by Sourav Biswas

Sourav is the Founder and CEO of Tecky World.
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